56ers? Fifty-sixer what? What in the world is a 56er? Well, I'm so glad you asked! 56ers is the preteen ministry for 5th and 6th graders at First Baptist Church of Marietta.

Preteens are a unique and special group of people. They are rapidly changing physically, emotionally, and mentally. At First Baptist Church of Marietta, we realize preteens need their own ministry programs that understand all the changes they are going through. 56ers hopes to continue to challenge our preteens to deepen their relationship with God amidst all the changes they are experiencing.

Preteens are very energetic and always wanting to be with their peers. 56ers provides high energy ministries and programs that appeal to a 5th & 6th grader's developmental level, and it is a place they'll be excited to bring their friends. In all of our 56er ministries and events, we challenge students to learn more about Christ, deepen their faith in God, and apply what they've learned in church to their communities at school and at home.

Rev. Lauren Mills and Joe Harwell are the Minister to Children and Minister to Students, respectively. Together they work with the 56er teachers to plan programs that continue to help preteens along their faith journey.

Meet our Teachers

Patti Hilderbrand

Patti is our 56er teacher on Sunday mornings. Patti has volunteered and taught students for several years, and love the energy that 5th and 6th graders bring to church!

Rev. Lauren Mills

Rev. Lauren, or Mrs. Lauren as the kids refer to her, is the Minister to Children at First Baptist Marietta. Lauren loves working with preteens and enjoys seeing their enthusiasm for life. To get in touch with Lauren, email her at lmills@mariettafbc.org.