Sunday, August 18, 2019

8:48 am, Chapel | 10:58 am, Sanctuary

What Does the Bible Say?
— Celebration, Psalm 100:1-5


letter from our PastoR,

Dr. Bill Ross

Dr. Bill Ross

Do you embody the Gospel? 

The Gospel of Jesus is good news. The Gospel is a celebration! 

Many act as if we are to simply introduce the Gospel, or, better yet, just persuade others that somewhere in the midst of spirituality there is a moment of celebration. In fact, many times a synonym for spiritual is solemn, quiet, or sober; all words without celebration. 

Each person needs the Gospel; God’s abundant grace to us. We are to celebrate God’s overflowing and ever-present grace! Some religious folk act as if they are doctors of grace who dispense prescriptions to particular needy sinners. The Biblical reference for grace and the gospel speaks to each of us needing grace celebrating with others who need to know where the “grace- medicine” is. Our mission is to bring grace medicine to them through celebration!

When the Gospel is heard, there is celebration. As we preach Christ Crucified, seek to live in Christ, we should do so with joy, thanksgiving, and awe. God is holy, God is kind, God celebrates every relationship.

This Sunday, we will take some time to look at how we embody the Gospel with celebration!


Grateful First at FBC Marietta

Celebration Breakfast.jpg

Let’s Celebrate Grateful First with Pancakes!  

All Adults, Students, and Children are invited to celebrate together over breakfast in the Family Life Center on Sunday, August 25th from 9:45 am to 10:40 am during the Bible Study hour.  

There will be lots and lots of pancakes, doughnuts, fruit and more. Please join us!                 

Our church family is celebrating a BIG WOW with The Grateful First Campaign. We have received almost $4 Million in just NINE months!

Welcome Asa Brown and Marry Reyna who made a public profession of faith in Jesus this past Sunday.

Stephen Salazar will be baptized on Sunday, August 18, at the 10:58 AM Worship.

FBCM Wednesday Nigh KICKOFF was a great success! Our Fiesta themed evening went off without a hitch and welcomed over 200 guests and members. How grateful are we to have such a beautiful community!

The Grateful First Campaign has reached $3,838,766.17 as of Wednesday, August 14th. 110 Pledges have been given.

General Budget

Revenue as of 8/14/19: $1,813,156.21

Desired Gifts:


Expenses YTD: