Sunday, June 16, 2019

8:48 am, Chapel | 10:58 am, Sanctuary

God, Our Father
— Matthew 3:16-17


Friday letter from our PastoR,

Dr. Bill Ross

Dr. Bill Ross

We had a wonderful week of Mission Marietta! Over 50, middle school, high school, and college students participated in being the presence of Christ in Cobb County. During the course of the week they completed projects around our city such as:

          The rebuilding of 2 roofs

          Tearing down and rebuilding the deck of a home

          Installing kitchen and bathroom flooring

          Building a wooden fence

          Assisted in preparation for VBS by putting together shelving for the Children’s Ministry


The week was filled with small groups and worship led by adults in the church. In addition, adult volunteers led job sites, delivered food, and chaperoned each evening. 

Was Mission Marietta impactful? Yes…with the families that experienced God’s love. Students grew in their faith, along with, one student publicly accepting Christ during a time of worship and implemented her decision the next Sunday morning! 

While we're at it, go ahead and mark May 31 - June 5, 2020, on your calendar for Mission Marietta next year!

I was reading about factors that help students maintain their faith into adulthood. There are three important factors.

  1. Students parents practice faith in the home and in daily life, not just in public-church settings.

  2. Students have at least one significant adult mentor or friend, other than parents, who practiced their faith seriously.

  3. Students have at least one significant spiritual experience before the age of 17.

A meaningful and healthy relationship with their parents, with student ministry outside of the family, and with God is vital!  As a church, we seek to provide an opportunity for relationships with our students through Sunday School, Marietta Mission, student camp, and regular student ministry activities. The key to making a difference is about relationships. First Baptist Church has the opportunity to provide spiritual mentoring to our students in weeks like Mission Marietta, as well as to our children in weeks like Vacation Bible School.

As we gather together Sunday, Father’s Day, I have a challenge for each of us; are we seeking relationships in church that allow us to mentor others spiritually?

See you Sunday,


Grateful First at FBC Marietta


Welcome Hannah Spratlen

Hannah made a profession of faith on Sunday at the 10:58 am worship!

Welcome Melissa Edwards. Melissa is the newest member of our Administrative Team. She will work with Dr. Paul Hill and Rev. Philip Vestal. When you have an opportunity, welcome Melissa to the FBC Marietta team!


The Grateful First Campaign has reached $3,408,621.13 in gifts and including a total of 95 pledges.