Sunday, October 20, 2019

8:48 am, Chapel | 10:58 am, Sanctuary

What Does the Bible Say About Self Control?
— Proverbs 25:28 | Romans 8


letter from our PastoR,

Dr. Bill Ross

Dr. Bill Ross

One of the Desert Fathers, St Anthony (251-356) said: “A time is coming when people will go mad and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack that one and say, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.’” We live in a time like the one Anthony envisioned. The air we breathe is clogged with madness, in both senses of that word: temporary (I hope) insanity and persistent anger. 

 These are troubled and troubling times: we live with tragedies of war, recalcitrant racism, stubborn sexism, senseless gun violence, and a suffering climate. We deal with frayed relationships and unraveled promises. Large numbers of people are bound by agonizing addictions, systemic poverty, and intractable trauma. 

 These struggles aren’t new. What feels distressingly different just now is a spreading erosion of conditions for addressing them: commitments to facts and truth, to the common good, to civility and mutual respect, and to compassion. In both political and congregational spheres, fear drives a disturbing number of Christians to embrace harsh, divisive, self-centered, and transactional leadership. Jesus’ way of peacemaking, humility, and transformation seems to too many of his followers like madness.  Guy Sayles - The Center for Healthy Churches.

With such troubling times, how do we deal with the madness? How do we control our response to others without attacking? How do we control our feelings when others are not like us? How do we deal with our angst and the angst of others? 

The Bible talks about self-control. One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is the power each of us has to control our response to what is taking place around us, as maddening as it may be.  Instead of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, responding to anger with anger or madness with madness; Jesus teaches us to control our response and respond with turning the cheek, second-mile fashion. As believers, we have the power to control our response to a situation enabling transformation.

This Sunday we will seek to discover the keys to self-control. We live in a culture that teaches us we can do it on our own. The reality is, self-control takes place through God’s control, the presence of holiness in our daily living.

See you Sunday,

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