What do 3-, 4-, 5-year-olds do in Children’s Worship Arts?

They work with music and other arts to:

Find the singing voice: Whisper, speak, shout, sing.  What is the difference?  Respond to music rhythmically: Walk, run, hop, gallop. What does the music say to do? Play on instruments: Sticks, drum, triangle, wood block. Which makes the longest sound? Listen carefully to musical sounds: High, low, fast, slow, soft, loud. How does the music sound? Sing a wide variety of songs: Prayer, praise, lively, quiet. Which fits the way I feel? Visual arts are early demonstrations of each child’s expressions of their feelings: Drawing, coloring, making instruments, making arts and crafts. How do I express how I feel about God and His love for me?

They use music and the arts to learn how to worship God by:

Developing ideas about worship: They can praise God through music. Music helps them talk to God.  Music makes them aware that God loves everyone and wants everyone to love him. Memorizing songs and parts of hymns and songs of the church: “I love thee, I love thee, I love thee, my Lord….” “No other name but the name of Jesus...” Visiting the church sanctuary: Where does the choir and orchestra sit? How does the organ work? How do all these instruments work? Why is the sanctuary designed like it is? What about those beautiful windows?

They learn that music and the arts are something people do together by:

Working with caring, knowledgeable leaders: Every preschooler is involved. Every preschooler is special.Spending time in small groups: Each one gets a turn.  Each one can be successful. Singing together in a large group: It takes cooperation to make music. Any art, including music,  demands discipline and with that discipline comes a gift of a lifetime: the ability to express our praise to God through music.