Worship Arts Overview

The mission of our Worship Arts Ministry is to lead God’s people into His presence in worship and to cultivate lasting relationships with Jesus. The individuals in our Worship Arts Ministry are each committed to doing the best we can for our Savior. The Bible is full of scripture imploring believers to worship Him in spirit and truth. As a ministry, we seek to both prepare for worship and to lead others in worship when we gather as a community of faith. In fact, community is much of what we are about. Our members gather as much for the friendships we have made with each other as we do to the task of preparing ourselves for worship leadership.

As you visit our website and seek to find your place of service, we hope you will consider adding your talent to others like you who want to serve God with those talents. Join us as we join with the psalmist when he states:  “It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, O Most High....” Psalm 92:1