Sunday School

The purpose of Sunday School is to provide a time where children can study the Bible and discover a God who loves them through storytelling, singing, crafts, service projects, drama, and other related activities. In order for lessons to be age appropriate, children are divided in age-graded classes. The teachers strive to show the kids that the Bible isn't just a book full of fun stories, but these amazing stories tell us about who God is and how we can be a part of God's Kingdom here on earth.

Sunday School classes meet every Sunday morning, 9:45am - 10:45am. Classrooms are located on the first floor of our main building in the Children's Area. When you enter the main building through the Welcome Center, our volunteers will greet you and show you to your child's age level class. Please pick your child up promptly at 10:45am so our teachers can also make it to the 11:00am worship service on time.

Sunday School Teachers

We are lucky to have wonderful volunteers who feel called to teach children about our loving and gracious God.

  • Infants (Rm 120B) — Nursery Workers
  • Toddlers (Rm 120C) — Nursery Workers
  • 2 year-olds (Rm 125) — Carole Crowder, Helen Coursey, Kathryn Jansen
  • 3 year-olds (Rm 123) — Claudia Bell, Nursery Worker
  • 4 year-olds (Rm 121) — Melba Lehman, Janet Hill, Harriet Swift
  • Kindergarten (Rm 110) — Carole Horton
  • 1st Grade (Rm 112) — Kathy Baker, LouAnn Frye, Gene Kelley, Jane Quillen
  • 2nd Grade (Rm 114) — Mark Hulbert, Melissa Bützer, Warren & Natalie Hirons
  • 3rd & 4th Grade (Rm 116) — Kathy Grubbs, Angela Patton, Lisa Petsko