Global Missions

Pure Water Initiative

Pure Water Initiative is a mission endeavor of First Baptist Church Marietta. The money given to this mission goes directly to water projects in various parts of the world. Over the past 4 years, we have dug wells, built water cisterns and water purification systems in Indonesia, Myanmar, India and Zambia. We work with field personnel and indigenous Christian leaders in communities that need water. Each leader and field personnel then have an open door to share the gospel in some places where many American Christians are not allowed to live. 

Here is an example of what Pure Water Initiative is doing:

A few years ago a man came to us and asked if we would help him in an agricultural project — that being to help the farmer clear off a field so that he could sustain himself and his family. At that time the field was absolutely nothing but a thorn-infested field In a few months the man and his family had cleared the field and had actually started plowing with borrowed oxen. We helped the man with a pump and irrigating pipes. Well, he now has over 3,000 tomato plants and last month made $2,000.00 (US dollars). Additionally, he grows other vegetables and he sells in Zambia and Botswana. Because of his success he now has 14 head of cattle, including oxen. He and his wife both work in the fields and both sell the produce. They are able now to have money for all school fees for the children. Additionally, they are now supporting two or three orphan children in school. The man bought a cart for transporting farm produce and he bought a family plot to build a house!! AND he now employs 10 people.

This man started out with ZERO and a thorn patch! He has done all of the above after receiving a pump and irrigating pipes for his field.

CBF Offering for Global Missions

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Each year thousands of lives are changed because people like you give to the CBF Offering for Global Missions. One hundred percent of your gift to the CBF Offering will go to help people hear and experience the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Support the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.  The overall goal is $175 million.  100% of the offering goes to the overseas budget to support missionaries and their ministries.  The average cost to support an individual missionary through the International Mission Board is $51,400 per year.  “Your giving enables missionaries to be sent to multiply churches among unreached peoples and places for the Glory of God.”  First Baptist Church Marietta’s goal for Lottie Moon is $40,000.