Creating a KidCheck account:

1.       Access the KidCheck ® website at

2.       Create a new account using your email address by doing the following:

a.       Click the Sign Up tab.

b.      From the Drop Down Menu, select Parents/Guardians.

c.       On the Right-hand side of the screen, select I have never checked in with Kid Check.

d.      A new screen will display.  Enter your personal information on the right side of this screen, including your first and last name, email address, a password and your telephone numbers. **Please do NOT create a security PIN for your child. We will need to be able to check your child in using the phone number you sign up with.

e.      In the box labeled, Which Organization Referred You type: 

                                FBC Marietta

3.       Click Register.

4.       After you have completed these steps, KidCheck® will send you an email with instructions to Login and complete your account set up. This simple step includes adding your children, guardians, as well as friends and relatives that will have permission to pick up your child/children from school.  Please follow the instructions in the KidCheck®  email to update your account.  By doing this, the carpool process for everyone should flow smoothly right from the beginning.

5.       Someone from our office staff will check in your children into KidCheck each morning at the CEE and we will use the KidCheck App in the afternoons during carpool for check-out.


*If you would like to receive text alerts when your child is checked in and out of school, find the preferences () and check all appropriate boxes under Cell Phone SMS Permissions and Notifications.