Children's Church

Here at Kids Quest, we believe that it is important for a child to worship alongside their parents and family. One excellent way children learn is by observing what is modeled for them. We can't think of a better way for Children to learn about worship than through sitting next to them in the pew. However, we understand that parts of our worship services are above a child's development level and attention span. To help our younger children, we have Children's Church.

Children's Church is for children who are in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade and attend the 11:00am worship service. Halfway though the service the Kindergartners through 2nd Graders leave with Rev. Lauren to go to our worship room, the Theater Room in the Children's Area (Rm. 101). Each week there will be a hymn in the worship order marked with an asterisk (*). This is when the children will leave to go to Children's Church.

During Children's Church, children will engage in age appropriate activities to aid them in worship. Activities include praise songs, taking up an offering, Bible story, games, and more! 

Children may be picked up in the Theater Room at the conclusion of the 11:00am worship service.

Children 3rd grade and older will need to stay in the remainder of the worship service with their parents. Each week Children's Bulletins are available at each entrance for children to use. These bulletins are designed to help children following along with the worship service, and it gives them a place to draw about the sermon.

Monthly Memory Verse

Bible bookstore

Each month we focus on a Bible verse for the children to memorize. At the end of the month if your child can say their ver by memory, they will receive a prize.