First Orchestra

Purpose Statement

Our mission as a Worship Arts Ministry is to lead God’s people in to His presence in worship and to cultivate lasting relationships with Jesus Christ.

We exist for these purposes: lead in worship and develop a relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our First Orchestra is made up of talented, musicians who know what it’s like to work hard and then see the fruits of their labor when they lead others in worship alongside the Worship Choir. Not only does the First Orchestra accompany the Worship Choir but usually presents music of their own in worship. We are always looking to enlarge our Orchestra by adding talented members to our group. 

Now is the time...

Membership Criteria

Current Openings (as of Summer 2018): Any string player (violin, viola, cello or string bass); trumpet, trombone, bassoon, synthesizer, guitar (electric/acoustic/rhythm) and percussion.

The First Baptist Church First Orchestra began immediately after Dr. Hill arrived in November of 1999 and since then has continued to grow numerically and musically. As active participants of First Baptist Church Marietta, the orchestra contributes regularly in the 10:58 Sunday morning worship service by presenting orchestral selections and accompanying the Worship Choir on anthems and congregational singing. In addition, this orchestra plays an important role in the major music programs of our church, namely Carols by Candlelight and other concert events offered throughout the year.

Currently numbering around 30-35 players, the First Orchestra is made up of professional, amateur, and advanced student musicians. Although we are made up mostly of adult instrumentalists, we also admit students (10th grade through college,) when:  a) there is an opening and a particular instrument is needed to help us maintain a balanced orchestra, and b) the musician has attained a high level of playing skill capable of playing music from simple levels to very advanced difficulty. Any student who wishes to be a member of the orchestra must also be actively performing their instrument in a school or equivalent organization. For any musician wishing to fill an opening in our orchestra, one must successfully pass an interview/audition process with the conductor and is expected to maintain regular attendance to rehearsals and Sunday worship presentations.

We also provide an opportunity for beginning instrumentalists to stretch their skills as they learn their instrument. Between February and May of each year students as early as the 6th grade can play in the First Orchestra on pieces more on their level, selected purposefully to involve them in the orchestra. We adapt the music to their level and the students attend a portion of our regular First Orchestra rehearsal and then perform in the worship service in which that particular piece is presented. Additionally, when we have an adequate number of young instrumentalists to establish a separate group, we offer “The Young Persons’ Orchestra” designed just for these budding musicians.

Anyone interested in becoming a member should contact Dr. Paul Hill at 770.424.8326, x116; or

Rehearsal Schedule

First Orchestra rehearses weekly on Sunday mornings from 8:45 until 10:00 in the Music Suite Rehearsal Room. Childcare is provided as needed. Refer to the church calendar for any changes to this schedule.

On Sundays when the Orchestra accompanies the Worship Choir, the Orchestra returns later that morning at 10:40am to rehearse with the Choir.

Church Street Brass

Church Street Brass is an ensemble of brass instrumentalists from within our church orchestra, the First Orchestra. Featured alone occasionally in worship as well as accompanying the choir, the rich sounds of a “brass choir” is unlike anything else in music.

Our talented players play their instruments with such excellence that we have begun seeing and hearing them in other settings in and out of the church. If you are interested in becoming a part of this ensemble, just as with all ensembles or soloists in our church, you must first be an active member of the First Orchestra. For more information, please contact its conductor, Dr. Hill.