Worship Choir

Our mission as a Worship Arts Ministry is to lead God’s people in to His presence in worship and to cultivate lasting relationships with Jesus Christ.

Purpose Statement

We exist for these purposes: lead in worship and develop a relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our Worship Choir is truly a loving community made up of singers of all abilities who enjoys each other’s presence, encourages each other in our faith, and awaits with open arms to greet anyone who is willing to join us on our weekly journey. Our church has benefited from a choir composed of dedicated worship leaders who have served for, in some cases, decades. It is time for a fresh new generation to step up to the calling from God and join these faithful servants as together we lead God’s people in worship into the future.

Now is the time...

How to be a singer in the Worship Choir

There are only four expectations for participation in the Worship Choir:

1. Love the Lord;
2. Easily  match pitch with others; 
3. Committed to attending no less than 65% of rehearsals and Sundays;
4. Be a high school 10th grader and older. 

Our Worship Choir is far more than just a group of singers who sing each week. We are a community. We love each other, work hard together as a team and care about what we do each week as worship leaders. We do not require an audition but we do ask that any prospective member meet with our conductor (Dr. Paul Hill) to discuss what it means to be a Worship Choir singer. 

In the late summer, we begin work on our Christmas music for our annual Carols by Candlelight concerts presented in early December. 

If you want to discuss your voice and a possible role in the Worship Choir, or have any other questions about our Choir, please contact the Minister of Worship Arts and Choir conductor, Dr. Paul Hill at phill@mariettafbc.org or 770.424.8326, x116.

Now truly is the time…

Download promotional materials that may shed some light on what it means to be a part of our Choir and Orchestra.  


Singers in the Worship Choir rehearse on Wednesday nights from 6:30 until 8:00 in the Music 

Suite Rehearsal Room (Room 220). We meet to help us prepare our best for worship—and during that time, we have a great time of fellowship.  

Refer to the church calendar for any changes to the regular rehearsal night of Wednesday, 6:30-8:00. Drop-ins are certainly welcomed, but advance notice or a discussion with Dr. Paul Hill is preferred and will help us be more prepared for your visit. Contact him at phill@mariettafbc.org or 770.424.8326, x116.

Childcare: We provide childcare for any singer needing it for their children while rehearse. Worship Choir singers with children participating in Children's Worship Arts (6:00-6:30 or 6:45) and in the Children's Ministry's Kids Quest program, are already cared for during Worship Choir rehearsal. Children of singers in the Worship Choir with children in these programs will automatically be cared for during the remainder of rehearsal each week.

Now truly is the time…


Worship Choir Singer Openings

There are always openings in the Worship Choir of First Baptist because we want individuals who have a gift of singing to be a part of our choir.

With that stated, however, we are in special need of adding men to our Worship Choir. To continue making the quality and type of music we enjoy, we seek to maintain a balance between the four vocal parts: Soprano (upper range ladies), Altos (lower range ladies), Tenors (upper range men), and Basses (lower range men). If you are not sure what part you would sing, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Hill and he will be glad to help you discover your part with you.